About Coal

Coal is a key source of global electricity generation and an essential ingredient in steelmaking. 

The world needs coal to meet growing energy demand as urban populations are projected to increase by 1.4 billion over the next 20 years and people embrace lifestyles powered by modern energy. 

Coal is an abundant, reliable and affordable fuel that accounts for 40 percent of global electricity generation and is expected to be a fundamental part of the energy mix for many decades to come. 

Coal is Key

Coal is Key

Read more about coal's role in the energy mix in Peabody's position statement on energy and climate.


BTU Conversion

Advanced Coal

Emissions progress for coal begins with deployment of high efficiency, low emissions power stations using technology that is available today.


Industry Resources - haul truck with coal

Industry Resources

Visit a variety of mining industry websites and resources to learn more about coal's vital role around the world.


Glossary of Terms - train with coal

Glossary of Terms

Discover more by learning about popular industry terms... from Btu to unit train.