Safety: A Way of Life

Safety is central to Peabody Energy’s mission. Every day, we strive to operate incident free… with zero injuries, occupational illnesses, property damage and near-misses.

Safety: A Way of Life, coal miners in hard hatsWe have made remarkable progress:

  • 2012 was the safest year in Peabody’s history. Our U.S. operations reported a 1.19 safety rate, outperforming the industry average by 66 percent
  • U.S. and Australia employees continue to earn multiple major honors for safety excellence and emergency preparedness.

Personal accountability remains key to our success. Every employee commits to the safety vision, and employees at all levels are held responsible for safe behavior and practices at work and away. Hundreds of safety observations are conducted daily across the company to recognize best practices and immediately correct unsafe acts. 

Peabody conducts state-of-the-art training that exceeds federal and state mandates. We also cooperate with government agencies around the world to advance safety technologies and best practices toward our vision of zero incidents of any kind.

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