Awards and Recognition

Peabody is widely recognized for corporate and social responsibility.  In the past five years, the company has earned more than 150 awards for corporate and financial leadership, safety and environmental honors. 

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First Place in First Aid


The Wambo Underground Mines Rescue Team was presented with simulated emergency response situations for applying first aid, involving multiple individuals and injuries. The event was hosted by Workplace Safety North and Ontario Mine Rescue.


New Mexico

Safe Operator of the Year


The El Segundo Mine earned the Safe Operator of the Year award from the New Mexico Bureau of Mine Safety and New Mexico Mining Association. El Segundo has operated more than one year without any reportable mine or contractor injury and achieved the state's best surface mine safety record in the 2015-2016 period running from July through June. The operations tracked more than 650,000 employee hours.


New Mexico

Rescue Response Award

Roy Jones was honored as first-on-the-scene to render aid at a non-mining accident that occurred in Albuquerque in April involving a vehicle rollover. Jones, a relief supervisor and a member of El Segundo's Mine Rescue Team, evaluated injuries for the two individuals involved and stabilized a spinal injury until paramedics arrived.