Economic and Corporate Responsibility

Rapid industrialization, modernization and urbanization are lifting hundreds of millions of people around the world to a better quality of life and driving enormous energy demand. The world continues to turn to coal to meet the need.

Coal has been the fastest-growing major fuel for the past decade. It currently accounts for nearly 30 percent of global energy use – the highest level since 1969. Demand is projected to continue to grow, suprassing oil as the world's largest energy source in the coming years.

Economic and Corporate Responsibility - Coal miners at Peabody Opera HouseIn 2013, Peabody:

  • Equaled a safety record first set in 2012 with a global incidence rate that is more than 45 percent better than the U.S. average;
  • Increased U.S. productivity 9 percent and Australian productivity 27 percent; and
  • Earned more than 25 awards for safety, financial performance, environmental excellence and social responsibility; and
  • Operated the world’s largest and most productive mine, the North Antelope Rochelle Mine.

Fueling Community Strength
Peabody’s success has translated into gains for communities around the globe. In 2013, our operations contributed $19 billion in direct and indirect economic benefits in regions where we operate. We also continue to give back through a robust charitable giving program. Employees also continue to give of their time, talent and resources to build stronger communities and societies.

Fueling Industry Leadership
The company is globally recognized for leadership and vision. Good corporate governance guides our every action. The company has established a robust governance program, and a new Health, Safety and Environment Committee reviews Peabody’s business practices to ensure they meet the highest standards for integrity, safety, and social and environmental responsibility.

Fueling Social Progress
Coal’s low cost and large scale make it a fuel for social progress, enabling people in the developed world to enjoy a standard of living most of humanity is still trying to achieve. Coal is widely dispersed, broadly available, easily transported, energy-dense and very affordable. It has been the world’s fastest growing fuel for the past decade, and this expansion is set to continue.

Learn more in our Corporate and Social Responsibility Report.

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