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Modern energy is a basic necessity, a human right and a rapidly rising need. The world’s long-term energy needs are unprecedented, and coal is the sustainable fuel to deliver the power at scale.

Coal alone has the affordability, abundance, availability and versatility to deliver the 3Es: economic growth, energy security and environmental solutions.Coal mining delivers the sustainable fuel to deliver the power at scale

Delivering Economic Growth
Coal is a catalyst for economic growth, powering the largest and best global economies. Greater use of coal is a critical part of a balanced energy approach to alleviating poverty.

Citizens with access to affordable energy, fueled by coal, live longer and better.

  • The need for coal-fueled energy is greatest among those who have the least. More than a decade after the United Nations called for an end to poverty, 3.5 billion people live without adequate electricity. As many as 1.2 billion are children.
  • Without electricity, people turn to open fires or polluting stoves to cook food or heat. The result: Every year, about 4 million people die prematurely from illnesses attributable to fumes and smoke from such fires. This is a tragedy we have the power to solve by expanding access to coal-fueled power. 

Delivering Energy Security
Coal is affordable, abundant and reliable. Reserves are large and diverse, spanning nations large and small on every major continent. The world has trillions of tons of coal, comprising 55 percent of our global energy resources.

  • In contrast, many other energy sources have proven too small in scale, too difficult to drill or too expensive to deliver. 
  • Coal is versatile. Btu Conversion technologies can transform the energy stored in coal into other high demand forms of energy, including natural gas, transportation fuels and hydrogen.
  • The world is turning to coal. Use of coal has soared 350 percent since 1970, demonstrating a near-perfect correlation with global growth in gross domestic product (GDP). Coal currently fuels 40 percent of global power and is projected to overtake oil as the world’s largest energy source in coming years.

Delivering Environmental Solutions
Clean coal is an environmental success story. In the United States alone, coal use and gross domestic product have tripled since 1970 as key emission rates decreased 90 percent. The next generation of supercritical, gasification and carbon capture and storage technologies build on this progress. More than 700 gigawatts of advanced coal-fueled plants are in operation or under construction worldwide.

Peabody has long held that we can put people first by putting energy first. The company has outlined a five-point plan to provide universal energy access by 2050. It starts with the premise that energy and environmental objectives are compatible and achievable through greater use of coal and advanced technologies. Peabody is a leader in sustainable mining and clean coal solutions, with low-emissions, low-carbon projects and partnerships in the United States, China and Australia.

Learn more in our Corporate and Social Responsibility Report.

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