Environmental Responsibility

Decades before land restoration was required by law, Peabody was reclaiming landscapes and sustaining farms, ranches, wildlife and communities.

Peabody believes coal mining and coal use should benefit future generations. We forge community alliances to better understand and address local environmental and social needs, and we continue to earn major honors for environmental excellence and good neighbor practices. Many of these awards recognize our success in restoring thousands of acres of mined lands, often to a condition better than before mining occurred. Environmental initiatives begin before any mining activity starts.

Coal miner outside with hard hatDetailed post-mining plans are researched, designed and approved. Contemporaneous land restoration ensures the smallest active area for mining operations, and ongoing monitoring allows the company to swiftly measure results and adjust to changing environmental conditions. During the past three years, we planted more than 1.5 million trees and pioneered agricultural practices that return mined land to highly productive farmland from the Australian outback to the U.S. Midwest.  
Peabody limits water use whenever possible and integrates environmental best practices into the management of this vital resource. Our conservation and efficiency efforts have resulted in reduced greenhouse emissions intensity over the years – even as the amount of power needed to recover a ton of coal has grown.

Learn more in our Corporate and Social Responsibility Report or watch the video below featuring some of Peabody Energy's environmental projects.

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