Corporate Governance

Responsible corporate governance is a major priority for Peabody Energy.

A commitment to the highest principles of ethical behavior has defined the company long before corporate reform became a global watchword. This commitment to integrity is embodied in Peabody's continual review of its corporate governance program to ensure that it reflects what we believe are best practices and promotes the best interests of Peabody and its stakeholders. Peabody's Mission Statement is displayed prominently throughout our operations to guide difficult decision making. And our key governance practices are outlined in our Corporate Governance Guidelines, committee charters, and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Corporate Governance Materials

Committees of the Board of Directors
An at-a-glance chart of Peabody Energy's board of directors

Board of Directors Committee Charters
Policies adopted by the committees of Peabody Energy's board of directors

Corporate Governance Guidelines 
Guidelines, adopted by the board of directors, regarding the roles and responsibilities of the board and management and other governance issues

Certificate of Incorporation
The current Certificate of Incorporation of Peabody Energy

The current by-laws of Peabody Energy  


  Stock Ownership Requirements
Policy adopted by Peabody Energy's board of directors to require common stock ownership by executives and directors 

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
A rigorous Code of Business Conduct and Ethics defines Peabody's world-class standards for doing business and applies equally to all employees and board directors

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