Special Reports

Coal and the Commonwealth: The Greatness of an Australian ResourceCoal and the Commonwealth: The Greatness of an Australian Resource
This study, by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts from The University of Queensland, adopts a plain language approach to present the findings on the past and future uses of coal and the role that this fuel has played and will continue to play, in Australia and globally.








National Coal Council Reports on Coal SustainabilityNational Coal Council (NCC) Reports on Coal Sustainability
NCC Report: The Urgency of Sustainable Coal presents the U.S. Department of Energy with recommendations for the technology and regulatory framework to increase America's use of clean coal for energy security, environmental improvement and economic prosperity at a time of unprecedented global energy needs.






Southern States Electricity Board Report: The American Energy Security StudySouthern States Electricity Board (SSEB) Report
SSEB Report: The American Energy Security Study presents a comprehensive plan for United States energy security through the production of ultra-clean liquid transportation fuels from domestic resources, and sets an aggressive timeline for achieving energy independence by 2030. The report was published by the (SSEB), comprised of governors and state legislators from 16 southern states and two territories.





National Coal Council Report: Coal: America's Energy FutureNational Coal Council (NCC) Report Vol. 1
National Coal Council Report Vol. 2
NCC Report: Coal: America's Energy Future addresses Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman's request for a report identifying the challenges and opportunities of more fully exploring our domestic coal resources to meet the nation's future energy needs. The report was prepared by the NCC, a private, nonprofit advisory body, chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.






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