Powder River Basin Operations

With coal seams up to 100 feet thick, low-sulfur products and superior train-loading capabilities, Peabody Energy's operations in Wyoming's southern Powder River Basin provide more than 130 million tons of coal each year for customers in the United States and around the world.

Powder river basin coal mine provide more than 140 million tons of coal each yearThe North Antelope Rochelle Mine, Peabody's flagship, is one of the most productive mines in the world and supplies the lowest sulfur coal in North America. The operation delivers more coal than most companies and nations, shipping more than one billion tons since mining began in the early 1980s.

The Caballo Mine is located about 20 miles south of Gillette, and the Rawhide Mine is located about 10 miles north of Gillette. Opened in 1978, the Caballo team today ships about 10 million tons annually to customers in nearly 40 states. The Rawhide Mine began production in 1977 and ships more than 14 million tons of low-sulfur coal every year to multiple utility and industrial customers.

Peabody’s Powder River Basin operations produce enough fuel to power 16 million U.S. households. The company controls more than 3 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves and is recognized for industry-leading safety, operating and environmental practices.

Southwest Operations

Peabody owns three mines in the Southwest; one in Arizona and two in New Mexico.

Peabody Energy Southwest Operations coal mineThe Kayenta Mine is located on reservation lands on a highland plateau called Black Mesa in Northeast Arizona.

The mine operates through lease agreements with the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe and supplies approximately 8 million tons of low-sulfur thermal coal annually to Navajo Generating Station near Page, Ariz. Peabody is currently pursuing coal-related opportunities with both tribes.

Peabody’s environmental and community practices on Black Mesa were recognized as a world model for sustainability at the Energy Globe Awards in Brussels, Belgium.

Located about 35 miles northwest of Grants, N.M., the Lee Ranch Mine supplies coal to power plants in New Mexico and Arizona. In 2008, Peabody opened the El Segundo Mine (which means "the Second" in Spanish). The El Segundo Mine, adjacent to Lee Ranch, is the most productive U.S. mine outside of Wyoming's Powder River Basin, with a low overburden-to-coal ratio and access to equipment from other operations.

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