Our Stewardship Approach

Coal mining and coal use are essential to our economic prosperity and quality of life. While recognizing these benefits, Peabody remains committed to managing operations in a way that minimizes any adverse impacts it may have on the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Employee Responsibility

Peabody’s commitment to employee safety and health is an overarching value that guides every activity. Peabody continues to emphasize communications, training and prevention to reach our safety goal of zero incidents. The company strives to operate free of injuries, occupational illnesses, property damage and near-misses.

Peabody’s employees occupy some of the highest skilled jobs in communities where the company operates. Peabody aims to provide employees with an empowered, collaborative work environment based on mutual trust and respect that emphasizes safe working conditions, rewards continuous improvement, innovation and creativity, and provides opportunities for job satisfaction and career advancement.

Environmental Responsibility

Peabody is globally recognised for its stewardship in the environmental arena. Its environmental policies and programs are designed to ensure that coal mining and coal use provide maximum benefit to current and future generations, enhance our leadership in environmental excellence, and assure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Peabody is globally recognised for its environmental stewardship, Environmental Responsibility - geese in a pond

Peabody’s goal is to operate all of its mines at high environmental standards and to rehabilitate mined land to a sustainable productive condition.

The company also supports continuous improvement in greenhouse gas emissions control through the development of advanced coal technologies, such as coal gasification technologies for electricity generation, liquefaction, methanation and hydrogen production.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities - Peabody Energy Australia PCI Pty Ltd 2012
Energy Efficiency Opportunities - Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd 2012
Energy Efficiency Opportunities - Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd 2010

Environmental Impact Statements for Current Projects

Codrilla Environmental Impact Statement
Eaglefield Expansion Project Environmental Impact Statement
Metropolitan Coal Project Environmental Assessment
Millennium Expansion Project Environmental Impact Statement

Community Relations

The communities in which Peabody operates are critical to the successful management of our mines and the welfare of our employees across Australia. We take a proactive approach to communicating with community groups and we support their efforts to improve local facilities and services.

Our sponsorship program in Australia is aligned with our corporate objectives and strategies, and broadly encompasses five categories:

  • Community projects in the regions where we operate, such as local festivals and shows, school sports and infrastructure
  • Environmental awareness through local conservation groups
  • Education and training, such as trade programs in local schools and graduate programs
  • Youth development in areas of arts, sports, health and safety
  • Employee involvement in the regions in which we operate.

In addition to financial support at a corporate level, our employees contribute their time, energy and skills to a range of community projects.

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