2012 Analyst and Investor Forum

June 27, 2012

Peabody Energy: Creating Value for Near-Term and Long-Term
Greg Boyce, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Coal Markets: Near-Term Headwinds But Strong Global Fundamentals
Jacob Williams, Vice President-Global Energy Analytics

Peabody Americas: Leveraging Leadership into Value Creation
Rick Navarre, President – Americas

Peabody Asia and Trading: Expanding in Highest-Growth Regions
Chris Hagedorn, Group Executive and Chief Development Officer

Forging a Favorable Policy Framework for Coal
Fred Palmer, Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Peabody Australia: Growth, Positioning and Value Creation
Eric Ford, President – Australia

Peabody Australia’s Project Pipeline: Delivering on Growth
Rob Hammond, Group Executive, Operational Support – Australia

Applied Technology & Continuous Improvement
Jeane Hull, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

Financial Strength for Growth, Differentiation and Value Creation
Mike Crews, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Conclusion and Key Takeaways
Greg Boyce, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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