Community Partnership Program

As a community partner, Peabody Energy strives to improve lives through strategic social investments that empower communities, educate the next generation, restore, conserve and beautify the environment, and engage our employees to give back.

Peabody believes we earn our license to operate through world-class safety, social responsibility and good neighbor practices where we live and work.  

Through philanthropic partnerships, community outreach endeavors and robust employee volunteerism, the Peabody Community Partnership Program provides millions of dollars to charitable and community organizations. 

Peabody focuses its social capital in two primary ways; Directing human and financial resources toward areas of identified need, and investing in partnerships where we can make a measurable, positive difference in the “energy” of a community.  

Education of the Next Generation
Peabody seeks to strengthen academic support services so that all students are equipped to become productive members of society. Focus areas include  mentoring programs, teacher training and professional development, and college access and completion programs. 

Empowering Communities
Peabody invests in service agencies and organizations that promote health and human services, foster civic affairs and economic development, deliver youth programs, and strengthen arts and culture. These lasting alliances help Peabody to enrich society, champion economic prosperity and create a better quality of life. 

Environmental Restoration, Conservation and Beautification
Across all our operations, we partner with organizations that conserve, beautify and restore the environment. We work to engage our employees in environmental stewardship through collaborations with communities and classrooms. 

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