Advocating Coal's Role in Alleviating Energy Poverty to World Energy Ministers 

Access to electricity fuels progress and drives health and longevity. Yet today, more than half of the people across the globe lack proper electricity, and another 2 billion people will require power as the population grows. This means that as many as 5 billion to 6 billion people will lack proper energy in as little as two decades. We have the power to solve this crisis. Greater use of coal through the Peabody Plan is a major part of the solution.   

We capture these values in the double-page advertisement that Peabody Energy will sponsor in a special edition of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Journal for the 201​5 ministerial meetings in Paris in late November. Peabody Energy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kellow will participate in these sessions involving energy ministers from as many as 28 IEA-member countries in addition to other partner countries. This gathering takes place every two years to discuss energy policy.  

The ad uses the backdrop of a father and son on a bicycle journey to school, with the son carrying his laptop. The ad captures a blend of traditional and contemporary needs, illustrating the importance of energy access for modern living. We demonstrate that the No. 1 priority for the world’s energy ministers is to eliminate global energy poverty, and emphasize that today’s advanced coal generation is fast-growing, abundant, inexpensive and clean. We then urge readers to find out more by visiting

Peabody will continue to be an ally for the vital job of creating energy access as we build a framework for more favorable public policy and regulatory support in step with greater opportunities for employee engagement. We can all take pride in the value we create through greater use of coal. 

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