High Electricity Costs:
All Pain for No Gain

One in three Americans qualify for energy assistance. Six in 10 Americans say a monthly increase of as little as $20 in utility bills would create hardship. In the last decade, the cost of energy as a percentage of pre-tax income has nearly doubled for the middle class.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed greenhouse gas rule for new coal plants would only make this situation worse, causing consumer power bills to soar. 

The EPA's proposal for new coal plants is similar to using an electric car to set an emissions standard for new vehicles to replace the combustion engine. Their actions go beyond the law by mandating carbon capture technology that is promising for the future, though not yet commercially available and certainly not able to satisfy our need for low-cost power.

80 percent increase in coal-fueled power costs

The agency's rule could cause power bills to soar based on the government's own analysis and will force tough decisions on families trying to make ends meet.

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