The Path Forward with Advanced Coal

American utilities have invested $100 billion in new technology to successfully reduce emissions. Continued deployment of best-in-class "supercritical" generation offers a path to help keep energy costs affordable and satisfy our environmental goals.

Advanced supercritical technology – available today and being deployed around the world – is highly efficient and has very low emissions. In the United States, this technology drives criteria emissions that are one-fifth the average of the existing fleet. It also lowers carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by as much as 25 percent. Every large, new advanced coal plant brought on line brings the equivalent environmental benefit of removing one million cars from the road, according to the International Energy Agency.

To view the collection of technologies used in a supercritical plant, click here.

Sound energy policy must protect consumers, maintain reliability and preserve America's ability to compete. America can have it all by keeping coal at the center of our energy mix and using technology that's available today to achieve our environmental goals.

Every 21st Century Coal Plant Takes 'A Million Cars Off the Road'

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