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Peabody Praises Supreme Court Ruling on EPA MATS Rule


The United States Supreme Court today ruled to invalidate the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule regulating power plant emissions. The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that the agency was required by the Clean Air Act to consider the costs of rulemaking in addition to expected health benefits.

“It is not rational, never mind ‘appropriate,’ to impose billions of dollars in economic costs in return for a few dollars in health or environmental benefits,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote.

Peabody views the Supreme Court’s decision as positive for the coal industry in that it could rein in aggressive anti-coal rulemaking by the EPA as it presses ahead with potentially more costly rules including the so-called Clean Power Plan addressing carbon dioxide emissions.

Peabody Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kellow praised the ruling.

“We applaud today’s Supreme Court ruling as well as any decision that overturns regulatory overreach,” he said. “Peabody supports technology as the right path toward continued emissions improvement.”