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Peabody Energy's North Antelope Rochelle Mine Ships 2 Billionth Ton of Coal


ST. LOUIS, Jan. 20, 2016 – Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU) said today that its flagship North Antelope Rochelle Mine (NARM) – the world’s largest and most productive coal mine – has shipped its 2 billionth ton of coal.

The North Antelope Rochelle Mine, located in Wyoming’s Southern Powder River Basin, routinely ships more coal than most nations and produces some of the lowest sulfur coal in the world. If NARM were a nation, it would place near the top 10 countries globally for coal production.

“2,000,000,000 tons makes for a lot of zeroes… and a lot of low-cost, reliable electricity to power homes and businesses all across the country,” said Peabody President of the Americas Kemal Williamson. “As the world’s largest and most productive coal mine, North Antelope Rochelle produces nearly 15 percent of the coal used for generation in the United States and by itself fuels 5 percent of the electricity used in the United States – over eight times more than all the solar power in the country. Thanks to the more than 1,400 employees of North Antelope Rochelle for helping to power the U.S. economy and family budgets.”

More than 83 million employee hours were part of the 2 billion ton milestone, with employees loading more than 17 million train cars and more than 125,000 trains. If each train were connected end-to-end it would form a 177,500 mile-long train stretching more than seven times around the earth. NARM achieved its first billion ton milestone in 2006, 23 years after operations began, and reached the second billion ton milestone just nine years later.

North Antelope Rochelle Mine’s leading safety and reclamation practices have been recognized with more than 15 awards over more than a decade, including first place at the 34th Annual International Surface Mine Rescue Competition in 2014. The North Antelope Mine began operating in 1983, with the Rochelle Mine beginning production in late 1985. The two mines were combined in 1999. Two concentric loop tracks connect with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads joint line. Coal from the complex is delivered to more than 40 electricity generating customers operating more than 80 power plants throughout the United States. Peabody is the largest producer and reserve holder in the Powder River Basin. The operations are also a strong economic force, contributing approximately $5 billion in direct and indirect economic benefits in 2015 including wages, taxes, royalties, capital investments and vendor contracts.