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Statement from Peabody Energy on U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Halt Implementation of the Carbon Rule


We applaud the Supreme Court’s unprecedented decision to protect affordable energy. This is a victory for American families and businesses who value reliability and diversity of energy sources. The court’s action counters implementation of onerous rules that would raise U.S. power costs and damage reliability of the electric grid with no significant benefit. Peabody had joined with other industry participants and attorneys general from dozens of states to contest the legality of the proposed regulations, and it is satisfying that the rule of law prevailed in this motion.

Peabody believes that technology is the best path toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions over time. We look forward to continuing to work with industry, government and NGO participants on a technology path to achieve our energy, economic and environmental goals.

Our recommended approach includes: 1) insisting on low-cost electricity; 2) investing in efficiency improvements at existing plants; 3) deploying high-efficiency low emissions (HELE) coal plants to drive down carbon dioxide levels; and 4) advancing policies and investments to commercialize next-generation coal technologies including carbon capture, use and storage.