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Illinois Basin Mining

Did You Know?

  • Peabody operates the Bear Run Mine in Indiana, which is the largest coal mine in the eastern United States.

  • In 2016, Peabody’s Illinois Basin operations restored some 2,500 acres of coal mined lands.

  • In total, Peabody has approximately 1.2 billion tons of proven and probable reserves in the Illinois Basin. 


Tons of coal sold from ILB operations in 2019
Successive Year
With a global safety incidence rate below 2.00
Direct and indirect economic benefits from ILB operations in 2019
Working at operations in the ILB in 2020
Coal mined lands restored by Peabody globally in 2019
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Tons sold, economic impact and employee figures include totals from Cottage Grove Mine.

Peabody is a leading coal producer, providing essential products to fuel baseload electricity for emerging and developed countries and create the steel needed to build foundational infrastructure. Our commitment to sustainability underpins our activities today and helps to shape our strategy for the future.