Coal’s Essential Role

Low-Cost Energy Access

As an affordable and reliable fuel, thermal coal provides essential energy to our customers and, in turn, families, businesses and communities around the world. In addition, metallurgical coal is an essential ingredient in new steel production.

A new middle class is emerging as populations from South America to Asia move to cities in pursuit of improved quality of life. Such urban lifestyles are often far more energy intensive, involving apartments, appliances and automobiles that require steel to construct and electricity to operate. In the U.S., low-cost electricity correlates with states that use more coal. 

Low-Cost Electricity from Coal

Peabody is proud to deliver one of the world’s most abundant and affordable sources of energy that is essential for powering the 21st century’s most amazing marvels and economic growth. In 2016, coal was responsible for approximately 30 percent of the electricity generated in the United States and over 40 percent globally. Of this, Peabody fueled approximately 5 percent of U.S. electricity and 1 percent of global electricity.

Our objective is to provide exceptional service to meet the essential energy needs of a global community that is more wired, more connected, more networked and more powered than ever.

Peabody is the leading global pure-play coal company and a member of the Fortune 500, serving power and steel customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. The company offers significant scale, high-quality assets, and diversity in geography and products. Peabody is guided by seven core values: safety, customer focus, leadership, people, excellence, integrity and sustainability.