Corporate & Social Responsibility Report

Powering economic prosperity and a better quality of life.

For more than 133 years, Peabody has been powering progress with energy to sustain life and grow economies. As the world’s largest private-sector coal company, we are proud to deliver one of the world’s most abundant, affordable and reliable sources of energy. Peabody’s coal fuels electricity generation for expanding economies and is an essential ingredient in steel manufacturing required by today’s rapid urbanization.

Our mission and values are foundational tenets in how we operate, and we structured this year’s report to align with each core value: Safety, Customer Focus, Leadership, People, Excellence, Integrity and Sustainability. 

We commit to safety and health as a way of life.

At Peabody, safety is our first value and a leading measure of operational excellence. Our vision is to operate safe and healthy workplaces that are incident free. Every employee commits to this vision and is accountable for what we call “Safety a Way of Life,” an intense culture of safety we embrace at work and away.

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We provide customers with quality products and excellent service.

Our role as the world’s largest private-sector coal company is both a profound responsibility and an immense privilege. In 2015, Peabody took great pride in mining, trading and shipping 228.8 million tons of coal, serving customers in 25 countries on six continents. Our work is grounded in an ongoing customer commitment that dates back more than a century.

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We have the courage to lead, and do so through inspiration, innovation, collaboration and execution.

Energy is essential. It is part of our global economy and an engine of human and environmental progress. Every day, our world needs more energy delivered safely, reliably, affordably and cleanly. Yet, we live in an age where several billion people awaken each day with little or no access to energy. Many have no enduring light, no refrigerators to keep food fresh, and no clean, safe way to create warmth in their homes. 

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We offer an inclusive work environment and engage, recognize and develop employees.

We believe we have the best workforce in the industry and value the talented men and women who are essential to our success. Peabody invests in its employees through health and wellness programs, competitive compensation packages and professional development opportunities. 

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We are accountable for our own success. We operate cost-competitive mines by applying continuous improvement and technology-driven solutions.

Driving continuous improvement in safety, productivity and costs has long been part of Peabody’s culture, and many of the best ideas come directly from the workforce. Continuous improvement is a thread that runs through all Peabody operations across the globe, and many mines have recently increased focus on the operating principle by appointing a dedicated Continuous Improvement site manager. 

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We act in an honest and ethical manner.

Our commitment to operating with integrity is a foundational tenet as one of Peabody’s core values to do what’s right every time, all the time. 

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We take responsibility for the environment, benefit our communities and restore the land for generations that follow.

Respect and responsibility for the land and communities where we operate are core to Peabody’s sustainability approach. Our best-in-class social responsibility practices take the shape of successful land stewardship and valued community partnerships in the areas where our employees live and work. 

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Peabody is the world’s largest private-sector coal company and a Fortune 500 company. The company is also a leading voice in advocating for sustainable mining, energy access and clean coal technologies. Peabody serves metallurgical and thermal coal customers in more than 25 countries on five continents.