Customer Focus

Our Commitment to Customers

Peabody serves customers, primarily electricity generators, industrial facilities and steel manufacturers, in more than 25 countries on six continents.

  • In 2017, we sold and shipped, in total, 191.5 million tons of metallurgical and thermal coal.

  • On average, Peabody ships more than 20,000 tons of coal every hour of every day to customers around the world.

Integrity. At Peabody, we operate with the utmost regard for our customers, and our business practices have earned the respect of the international coal community. Integrity is one of our company’s core values and leads our business ethic.

Reliability. We stand behind our word and our handshake. Our first-class operating platform allows us to be a leading supplier of coal and we partner with customers to meet their needs in an effective and timely manner.

Service. Our teams ensure a customer experience unsurpassed in the industry. With offices in China, Australia, U.S. and the United Kingdom, we deliver a one-stop sales, trading and transportation network with 24-hour industry coverage around the world. And in true customer service fashion, we treat people right and make issues right.



Right Place, Right Products

Peabody has nine operations in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, that provide a range of metallurgical and thermal coal products to serve major Pacific demand centers.

Peabody Americas is comprised of 14 mines and in 2017 shipped 158.2 million tons of coal to more than 80 customers across the U.S.


One Mine. 4.5% of all U.S. Electricity Generation

Peabody runs the world’s largest coal mine, North Antelope Rochelle Mine (NARM), which operates between seven and 10 pits – with coal seams that reach up to 80-feet-thick and offer some of the lowest-sulfur coal in North America.

NARM shipped 101.5 million tons, serving more than 50 customers in 21 states, and has significant transportation advantages, with two concentric loop tracks that connect with both major railroad joint lines. This one mine fuels about 4.5 percent of all U.S. electricity generation.



Peabody is the leading global pure-play coal company and a member of the Fortune 500, serving power and steel customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. The company offers significant scale, high-quality assets, and diversity in geography and products. Peabody is guided by seven core values: safety, customer focus, leadership, people, excellence, integrity and sustainability.