Customer Focus

Serving Customers Around the Globe


Peabody is uniquely advantaged to serve our customers from around the globe with a portfolio centered upon three core regions; Australia, the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and the Illinois Basin.

  • Peabody shipped approximately 18 million tons of coal in 2016 from our U.S. Midwest mines in Illinois and Indiana to electricity generators and industrial customers throughout the region.

  • The company’s Powder River Basin operations provided approximately 113 million tons of coal in 2016 for customers in the U.S.

  • In Australia, across Queensland and New South Wales, Peabody’s operations achieved total 2016 sales of nearly 35 million tons, primarily to steel producers in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia, as well as to electricity generators in Australia and Asia.

Exceeding Customer Expectations


Providing and delivering the right quality of coal to meet customer requirements is a primary goal.

Through Peabody’s pioneering of technical advances in mining, a conveyor and blending system developed at North Antelope Rochelle Mine (NARM) in Wyoming is unique among all surface mines. Each unit train at NARM is loaded with approximately 16,000 tons of coal, which is blended with great precision and efficiency to meet exacting specifications for every single customer. During 2016, 93 million tons of coal were produced and shipped out of NARM.

Continuous improvement and leading practices extend across Peabody’s platform, and at Caballo Mine in Wyoming, batch blending from the silos to the trains is fully optimized to meet or exceed contract specifications for Peabody’s customers. The silos and top-off batch system at the operation, pictured above, can hold over 47,000 tons of coal. Train cars are first loaded from the silos with between 105 and 115 tons of coal, and each then moves to the top-off batch system, where cars are filled to 120 tons, ensuring each load is maximized.

Coal-Fueled Generation Provides Low-Cost Electricity


Peabody is proud to deliver one of the world’s most abundant and affordable sources of energy that is essential for powering the 21st century’s amazing modern marvels and economic growth. In 2016, coal was responsible for more than 30 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. and over 40 percent globally. 

Coal provides an inexpensive and clean source of energy. In the U.S., states that generate less than 5 percent of their electricity from coal pay 60 percent more in electricity rates than states that predominantly (>50 percent) use coal for electricity. In addition, since 1970 the U.S. coal-fueled electric generating fleet invested over $120 billion to achieve a 92 percent reduction in emissions per kilowatt-hour of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. 

Through it all, Peabody maintains a keen focus on our customers and the affordable, reliable electricity that coal provides families and businesses across the globe, which guides our work with the greatest sense of purpose. Our objective is to provide exceptional service to meet the essential energy needs of a global community that is more wired, more networked and more reliant on power than ever.

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Peabody is the leading global pure-play coal company, serving power and steel customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. Peabody offers significant scale, high-quality assets, and diversity in geography and products. Peabody is guided by seven core values: safety, customer focus, leadership, people, excellence, integrity and sustainability.