Global Safety Record


In 2016, Peabody set a new company global safety record, with zero fatalities along with a 1.22 total reportable injury frequency rate per 200,000 hours worked.

  • This represents a 2 percent improvement on injury rates from 2015, a year that also set a record for the company.

  • Since 2012, Peabody's global reportable injury frequency rate has improved 35 percent.

Overall, Peabody’s injury rates compare favorably with industry averages in both the U.S. and Australia, where our operations achieved incidence rates of 1.14 and 1.43, respectively. Worldwide, Peabody’s surface mines realized an incidence rate of 0.81, a 19 percent improvement over the 2015 rate of 1.00, with the U.S. El Segundo Mine leading the company’s global safety performance with zero reportable injuries or occupational illnesses. Peabody’s underground mines achieved an incidence rate of 2.50 in 2016.

Building a Culture that Cares for People

According to Peabody’s Vice President of Global Health and Safety, Matt Pedersen-Howard, “Safety a Way of Life succeeds with a commitment at all levels of an organization to create an environment where we strive to be incident free and are prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty. And our President and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kellow leads the way in incorporating safety into Peabody’s culture every single day.”

“Safety is the first thing we focus on; it’s the first thing we talk about at each and every meeting,” says Glenn. “One of the cultural aspects we have is that everyone has the ability to speak up about safety. Everyone is empowered within our organization to stop the task if they don’t believe the task is safe. By investing in our people, processes and equipment, we have changed the way in which we work, which is an important step on our journey of continuous safety improvement.”

Emergency Preparedness


Peabody’s Emergency Response Teams performed well in 2016.

  • In the Illinois Mine Rescue Association competition, Peabody’s Francisco Mine Rescue Team from Indiana placed second.

  • Craig Hawkins from the Gateway North Mine in Illinois took second in the individual competition’s Bench Event, where miners ensure proper functioning of a breathing apparatus under a timed response.

  • The Francisco team went on to place third in the Nationwide Mine Rescue Skills Championship.

A Competitive Spirit of Safety Leadership

The Metropolitan Underground Team from New South Wales participated in the 57th Annual Southern Mines Rescue competition and tied for first place in the Firefighting Scenario, with the mine’s Martin Jackson winning Best Individual First Aid Rescuer.

The Wambo Undergound Mine Rescue Team has nine consecutive years of success at the national or international levels. In 2015, they took first place in the highly contested 53rd Annual Australian Underground Mines Rescue competition and earned the honor of representing Australia in the 2016 International Mines Rescue Competition held in Sudbury, Canada, where they achieved first place in First Aid and sixth overall, competing against nearly 30 teams from 13 nations.

During four days of events, the competition presented lifelike emergency response situations such as firefighting, high angle rope rescue and underground mine rescue simulation. The Wambo Mine Rescue Team honed their skills throughout the year, often on personal time, and shared training techniques with Peabody’s Twentymile Mine Rescue Team in Colorado while en route to the competition. The team is comprised of eight members, all of whom began their careers in mine rescue while working at Wambo, with one member marking 23 years in the field.

Safety Honors


Several of Peabody’s operations were recognized in 2016 for distinguished safety results.

  • El Segundo Mine was honored by the New Mexico Bureau of Mine Safety and the New Mexico Mining Association as the 2016 Safe Operator of the Year, and mine employee Roy Jones was presented the Rescue Response Award for being first on the scene to render aid at a non-mining accident involving a vehicle rollover.

  • The Gateway North and Cottage Grove operations in Illinois were honored by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as the safest underground and surface mines in the state, respectively, while the Gateway North Preparation Plant was named the state’s safest surface facility. Gateway North employees worked more than 319,000 hours from July 2015 to June 2016 and had no reportable injuries for six consecutive months during that time. Cottage Grove employees worked over 187,000 hours during the period. The mine had no reportable incidents from July 2011 to October 2016.

Peabody is the leading global pure-play coal company, serving power and steel customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. Peabody offers significant scale, high-quality assets, and diversity in geography and products. Peabody is guided by seven core values: safety, customer focus, leadership, people, excellence, integrity and sustainability.