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Peabody’s President’s Awards

Highlighting Peabody's core value of safety, the President's Awards recently recognized the company's U.S. and Australian surface and underground mines with the best safety incidence rate in 2018.

In the U.S., the North Complex, which includes the Caballo and Rawhide mines in Wyoming, won for best surface mine, recording a 0.29 incidence rate per 200,000 hours over more than 680,000 hours worked in 2018. Francisco Mine, located in Indiana, received the award for best underground mine, with a 2.98 incidence rate per 200,000 hours during more than 730,000 hours worked.

Several proactive safety measures have been implemented at the North Complex over the past year, helping lead Caballo and Rawhide to the company's best surface mine safety performance in the U.S.

The proactive practices include an observation program that allows managers to observe employees performing tasks to ensure they are following proper safety protocol. If a mistake is made, work is halted immediately, and the opportunity is used as a teaching moment for the crew. Work completed correctly is also acknowledged. Additionally, near-miss accidents – when an employee makes a safety mistake but avoids injury – can now be reported anonymously. Employees are encouraged to share incidents so they can serve as improvement opportunities for all employees.

In Australia, Millennium Mine in Queensland was honored as the best surface mine, finishing the year with a 0.58 incidence rate per 200,000 hours worked. Millennium employees worked more than 680,000 hours throughout the year.

Millennium is currently ramping down to end operations in mid-2019, after shipping 2.9 million tons of low-ash coking and PCI coal to global markets in 2018.

Millennium's strong safety record is matched by an outstanding commitment to rehabilitating mined land with the company set to complete full rehabilitation of the mine by 2020 – a full two years ahead of schedule.

Congratulations to the North Complex, Francisco and Millennium for leading the way in safety performance in 2018.

Peabody is the leading global pure-play coal company and a member of the Fortune 500, serving power and steel customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. The company offers significant scale, high-quality assets, and diversity in geography and products. Peabody is guided by seven core values: safety, customer focus, leadership, people, excellence, integrity and sustainability.