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Health, Safety, and Environmental Awards

Each year, Peabody’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Innovation Awards recognize employees across the organization for solutions that help make our operations safer. This annual tradition highlights Peabody employees at their finest, encourages creative innovations, and reinforces the values under which we operate, particularly safety and excellence. 
The overall winner for 2022 was the Wambo Underground Team for their Breaker Pick Replacement Method. Pick maintenance and replacement requires manual labor and can be hot, dangerous work often causing operational delays.
The Wambo team identified what could be improved and designed a tool to make maintenance and replacement easier and less dangerous. What began as a reliability initiative also improved safety outcomes by reducing manual labor and simplifying the task.
Second Place went to the team at the Rawhide North Complex who redesigned a lift system for the Belt Jack. The original system required two people to lift it, had numerous pinch points, was limited to specific belt sizes, and experienced re-occurring threading issues.
The team designed a new lift that is lighter, requiring only one person to use it, and is significantly less expensive. The new lift also cuts usage time in half and is easier for other employees to see when in use, creating less opportunity for safety issues.
Third Place was awarded to the Wilpinjong Team who created an automated discharge system to reduce water waste. The system automates returning compliant surface water from above mine operations to the natural water system. This new system continuously monitors water quality data. By automating what was previously a manual pumping process, the team increased daily water returns by 300%.
Finalists included Twentymile Mine, for developing a new method for delivering concrete via a trolley system, Metropolitan Mine for installing new Pedestrian Awareness Alerts on vehicles, and Coppabella/Metropolitan for improving battery storage practices.

Peabody is a leading coal producer, providing essential products for the production of affordable, reliable energy and steel. Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do and shapes our strategy for the future.