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Safety and Health Innovation Awards

Each year, Peabody’s Safety and Health Innovation Awards bring out the best of our safety teams through the recognition of innovative ideas used to solve real safety risks. These innovations can be shared with all of our mines to improve best practices throughout our operations.

Other 2020 award winners included:

  • First Place - Metropolitan mine, custom fit hearing protection with integrated radio.

    ​​​​​​​This innovation pairs improvements in custom molded hearing protection with enhanced communications via an integrated radio head set. Not only is the hearing protection more effective and more comfortable it also reduces waste from the disposable ear plugs commonly used previously. With the enhanced radio communication employees can keep hearing protection in when having conversations reducing background noise and potential for hearing loss.

  • Second Place - Gateway North mine who developed a wholistic approach to dealing with a pinned continuous miner operator.  

    ​​​​​​​Since the implementation of proximity to reduce the likelihood of an operator getting pinned by the continuous miner, it has raised an additional challenge of freeing an operator who may have been pinned by the equipment prior to full equipment shut down. The proximity system itself will then prevent normal control of the machine and people in the area would have to manually override the system using the valve bank to free a person. People need to know what the controls are and they need to know how to use them. The Gateway team provided consistent labeling, a response protocol and a short training video to educate people on what to do and how to do it.

  • Third Place - North Complex 793/797 final drive cover tool.  

    The North Complex team identified that the task of removing final drive cover on CAT 793’s and 797’s was both cumbersome and exposed people to potential pinch points and tipping points. They wanted to find a safer and more efficient way. To accomplish this the designed and constructed a final drive cover tool which has now been reviewed and certified by an external professional engineer.

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