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Statement on Climate Change

Peabody recognizes the effects of climate change must be addressed and that a concerted global effort is required to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including those resulting from the use of energy sources such as coal.
We acknowledge that, in collaboration with our stakeholders, Peabody has a responsibility to reduce our GHG emissions to fulfill our company ambition of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We commit to establish and report on specific, measurable short-term targets that will support this ambition.
Peabody is already taking direct actions to reduce emissions from our mining operations, as well as continuing to drive investment in the development and adoption of the low emissions technologies that will be critical for the world to reach its climate ambitions. Importantly, we believe the transition to a net-zero emissions economy must balance the need for a timely transition with the necessity for affordable, reliable energy and steel.
Applying emission reduction technology to existing resources and infrastructure must play a key role in reaching a net-zero future.

Peabody is a leading coal producer, providing essential products for the production of affordable, reliable energy and steel. Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do and shapes our strategy for the future.