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Health, Safety, Environment & Communities Policy

We commit to safety and health as a way of life. In addition, we take responsibility for minimising impacts on the environment, providing benefits to our communities and restoring the land for future generations. 

Our vision is to operate safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplaces that are incident free. Safety and health as well as environmental sustainability are core Peabody values and are integrated into all areas of our business. Our goal is to eliminate all workplace incidents, including injuries and occupational illnesses, and mitigate environmental impacts.

The following governing principles apply to our employees, contractors, visitors and vendors at our sites, or any location where Peabody work activities take place and includes all phases of the mining life cycle: 

  • Management has the overall accountability for safety, health and environmental management, the promotion of risk management, and the sharing of knowledge across the organization;

  • Everyone is responsible for their own safety and health, preparation for and fitness for work, as well as looking out for their co-workers and protecting the environment;

  • Everyone will be provided training and equipment to perform their jobs in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner;

  • Everyone has the authority to stop and challenge activities that could result in injury or unauthorized environmental impacts;

  • Everyone must comply with established safety, health and environmental requirements (including lifesaving / cardinal rules), laws and regulations;

  • Open, honest and effective incident investigation, followed by corrective actions that address the issues identified is essential;

  • Risks and opportunities are identified and monitored to continuously improve safety, health, environmental stewardship, emissions reduction, and resource management;

  • Safety, health and environmental objectives will be developed, and applicable performance indicators appropriately reported;

  • Areas disturbed by mining will be progressively rehabilitated/reclaimed, monitored and maintained to help ensure desired post-mine land use, landform and environmental outcomes are achieved;

  • Successes will be celebrated, and desirable behaviors recognized and reinforced.

Peabody is a leading coal producer, providing essential products for the production of affordable, reliable energy and steel. Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do and shapes our strategy for the future.